Sentiment Analysis

Analysis with NLTK and Scikit-learn modules to assess the emotional consensus of large text data-sets. Working on Twitter integration.


AI Bot for Universal Paperclips

This project's goal is to develop an AI bot capable of finishing the game in the most optimal (i.e. quickest) way possible. The bot does not have any access to the JavaScript code of the game, hence the bot cannot cheat. It only sees the UI which is presented to any user.

Currently on hold due to my studies.


Text Search Engine with GUI

For those times where you know what you want to check but simply cannot find which file it is in.

I have always found the search capabilities in Windows's Desktop Search or Mac OS X's rather limited in finding text in documents. I aim to change that.

The Text Search Engine application does what it says on the tin. TSE is an online and offline text search engine for finding keywords within large swaths of files. It features a lean, user-friendly GUI for users, coupled with a Google Search option to help find related websites and keywords which may aid in the search.